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Questions to ask your Fort Myers car accident attorney

Before making a decision about who should represent you in a motor vehicle accident claim, you should meet with a few Fort Myers car accident lawyers to discuss the circumstances of your case. Make sure when choosing a firm or law office to represent you, you meet with an actual attorney to review your case.  Most  attorneys offer a free consultation in car accident cases, and it gives you an opportunity to review potential legal representatives and find someone with experience that best fits your particular case.
You can prepare for these initial meetings with lawyers in a number of ways. It is important when comparing different attorneys to ask each a number of questions to determine how your case will be handled:

  • What is your experience with auto accident injury cases? How many cases has the attorney handled, and how many has he or she won?
  • Does my case have potential? This is a critical question. Your Fort Myers car accident attorney should be confident that he or she can prove the damages and injuries you suffered were a result of the other driver acting carelessly or negligently.
  • Who is at fault for my accident? When naming defendants, the other driver involved in the accident is most often at least partially responsible. However, in certain cases, additional defendants such as the employer of the other driver may also be responsible.
  • How much time to I have to file my lawsuit? A statute of limitations dictates how long you have to file your claim. A Fort Myers auto accident attorney will be able to tell you how the statute of limitations in Florida applies to your case.
  • To what damages am I entitled? Most attorneys can estimate what you can expect to recover in damages. This typically includes coverage for medical expenses, lost wages, and often pain and suffering or other emotional distress.
  • How can I protect my case? In certain jurisdictions, there may be other requirements to protect your rights to sue, such as obtaining a police report. Additionally, your Fort Myers car accident lawyer can advise you on when to file notice with your insurance company.
  • Should I try to settle? Most auto accident cases end in settlement. Depending on the circumstances of your automobile accident case, your attorney can advise you if and when you should agree to a settlement.
  • How long will my case take? An experienced Fort Myers car accident attorney can give you an accurate idea of a timetable for your case.

In addition to questions about your case, make sure that when you meet with potential Fort Myers car accident attorneys, they answer questions about how they charge for services, as well as for what court fees and costs you will be responsible.

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